"In my late 20s, I started to have thoughts that people were out to get me. As the paranoia increased, I stopped eating and sleeping."
"It’s ridiculous that the doctor thought I was safe to go home. But this scenario occurs too often, and this is exactly how tragedies can happen."
"Political events can be a source of significant psychological stress."
"It was difficult for me to accept help, for my loved ones to support me. I found it humiliating, I didn’t trust anyone."
'I had to go to hospital because I thought I had blood on my hands – I could feel it and smell it. But there was nothing there.'
'Just stop thinking about it'? It might be frustrating trying to understand, but you can’t just snap out of a psychotic episode. I literally can’t stop.
Miss Patel was a 65-year-old woman in the grip of psychosis and had been refusing to eat or drink for three days.
By portraying people - like me - as villains, search engines, the media and, yes, dictionaries are perpetuating untruths that cause stigma
Community mental health nurses care deeply about their patients but often have extremely high caseloads, which means they cannot provide the intensity of support these patients require