public services

Care workers, teaching assistants, hospital porters and all of us who rely on them are still picking up the pieces
Today Philip Hammond delivered his second budget as Chancellor. The last one was uninspiring, unraveled quickly and showed
During nearly 13 years in frontline of Emergency Ambulance work I have suffered a number of assaults - some physical most verbal. I am not what most people may perceive to be the classic victim of assault, six-foot-tall male, weighing over 15 stone, a former military man. However, this is perhaps an example of the seemingly indiscriminate nature of abuse my colleagues in the NHS and other public services have to endure while protecting the public.
If the uproar created by the rollout of the Government's new Universal Credit benefits system has shown us anything, it's
Over the last few decades, all governments have seen their stewardship of public services as requiring them to introduce/adopt more and more practices and the language of commercial businesses.
During the EU Referendum campaign, Michael Gove famously claimed that Britons "have had had enough of experts". The quote
The commercial sector has been highly successful in exploiting the power of digital technologies to enable people to participate in the 'sharing' economy. We've seen massive investment in new marketplaces to share homes and cars, enabling people to make and save money.
Nearly two weeks on, and the dust has still not settled after this rather extraordinary snap election. The Conservatives juggle negotiations for Brexit with negotiations for forming an actual government, and the terrible disaster at Grenfell Tower brings further challenges.
The manifesto talks about the good government can do. Right now this should involve devolving powers to the relative stability of local government, mayors and combined authorities. This has been the ambition of successive governments - but with Westminster facing its own set of challenges, it is more urgent than ever.
Visiting the polling station with your parents on election day isn't your traditional family day out. But my son aged six and twins aged four have asked to come along. They know it's also their future we will be voting for.