You rock up to your new therapist’s office, settle into your new regular perch for weekly outpourings of angst and believe
The mind is at its most impressionable when it is young and if we take action as early as possible then we create a generation of individuals who are confident, who are not dependent on devices to form relationships and who are able to inspire real, positive change in those around them and be able to take steps to build a better world.
Please note that this article on public speaking nightmares is relevant all year round, despite the ghoulish videos below
Facing a sea of eyes is an intimidating feeling, one which harks back to our ancestors - if you're on the Serengeti with lots of eyes staring at you, chances are you're about to be eaten. Years later, your body still produces the same fight-or-flight reflex.
The hardest part of staying cool is that it relies on the individual to have a clear black and white vision which doesn't always marry up to the various shades of grey real life offers. Historically, this is something that leaders in politics, society and business have always demonstrated and it is a lesson today's leaders could do with learning.
I've actually got more from the times I've died on stage than when I haven't. Namely that we're basically all the same, audiences by in large want you to do well and the blood circulation in my face is second to none.
I am left wondering whether Dennis Skinner, the Brexiters and Donald Trump, despite their widely different views and takes on the world, actually share something in common. An inability to deliver due to a lack of compromise.
So the votes are counted and the results are in. Corbyn and May have been dissected by sharper minds than ours. We're not
Nervous sensations can often be transformed into positive excitement. Things going wrong can often be turned round to work in your favour, by acknowledging the problem and seeing the funny side of it.
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