public spending

Don't pay the NHS an extra £350million a week, but well done to Simon Stevens who may have single-handedly moved the Brexit debate on from political machinations, to life after Brexit and what we want it to be.
After months of the constant cry for Theresa May to lay out her Brexit strategy, in the past two weeks we have heard more. Unsurprisingly I don't feel any more in the know! I didn't expect to be - revealing your negotiating position is a bit like playing poker with your cards laid out in front of you.
Whatever the merits of an overall cap on welfare spending and however it is going to work, it's clear that on its own it's not enough. This debate on welfare and poverty is taking the focus from where it is most needed - helping vulnerable children and their families.
A staggering 750,000 UK households were hit by power cuts over the festive season, and as nice as a candlelit Christmas may sound, in practice it is at best an inconvenience and at worst a complete nightmare...
The fact that Germany is not as strong as we believe means that the country may not be able to lift Europe out of its economic woe. If this is really the case, we are pinning our high hope on the wrong leader. It therefore makes a lot more sense for us to come up with new ways to solve the Eurozone crisis...
This week, Tate's original building re-opens after a £45million face-lift. Tate Britain is glamorous once more, a temple of cool and contemplation. Tate was a gift to the public from Henry Tate, a sugar baron. He donated his great collection of British art to the nation as well as £110,000 to pay for a new gallery on condition that the state would look after it.
Whilst I may have been involved with many development charities in my time, all the following is purely my own views. With that said, I think Godfrey Bloom may have been onto something with his recent comments; or at least would had been had we been discussing this twenty or thirty years ago...
Civil servants at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) have billed the taxpayer for staff French
Nigel Farage could be allowed to participate in the televised election debates, one of Ed Miliband's closest advisers has
Budget 2013 live : Follow George Osborne's announcement here with our 'At A Glance' guide to all the big decisions on the