Pupil premium

New report underlines funding crisis with money targeted at disadvantaged children used to plug gaps.
Today I have the pleasure of attending the Pupil Premium Awards 2016, and celebrating those schools which have found the
Some of my best friends are teachers; gifted, experienced practitioners who have dedicated their lives to nurturing and curating
Whatever the merits of an overall cap on welfare spending and however it is going to work, it's clear that on its own it's not enough. This debate on welfare and poverty is taking the focus from where it is most needed - helping vulnerable children and their families.
Some 700,000 children in Britain are being held back in school through no fault of their own and irrespective of their ability. This isn't just wrong, it's scandalous. And we can all do something about it.
Evidence has shown that private tuition is on the increase again this year but is it just the wealthy that have access to this service?
I strongly believe the arts have the power to transform lives. The earlier a child's engagement with the arts, the more likely they are to develop vital skills such as communication, analysis, confidence and teamwork. These skills can help pupils better engage with the mainstream curriculum.
Tens of thousands of England's poorest families are missing out on additional support for their children, a report into school
Designed to give the UK's most disadvantaged children an academic boost, the pupil premium is a £1.25bn allowance to be spent on disadvantaged students: those eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and children of members of the armed services. It is an excellent initiative that has the potential to genuinely improve the academic attainment of tens of thousands of children.
Schools need to spend pupil premium money on their poor students and not on recruiting more teaching assistants, Ofsted's
The Government's flagship pupil premium could have a limited impact on the poor children it is designed to help, a charity
Schools should compete to find the best way of spending the pupil premium - and could win an extra £10,000 for being the
Schools are being forced to use the Government's flagship pupil premium to plug cuts to their budgets, headteachers are warning
This is no time to lose our nerve. Liberal Democrats are needed in Government more now than ever before.
Half a million more poor children will benefit from Government help targeted at deprived youngsters, Children's Minister
Financial pressures may put more schools in the red, which could lead to a drop in achievement, the spending watchdog has