The singer has been in quarantine for three weeks after returning from Australia.
The UK is in police-enforced lockdown, with gatherings banned and shops to shut. Here's how people in other countries are getting through it.
Has a coronavirus quarantine emptied your kitchen? These are the best substitutes for butter, eggs, milk, onions, lemon, sugar, flour, broth and more.
Vulnerable and immunocompromised people have a message for you – please only leave your home if you really need to. It comes as the UK Government has advised the public to remain indoors to protect those at highest risk of developing a serious illness as a result of coronavirus. We spoke to six people who are worried about how the current situation will affect their health and others like them.
People were deeply moved by the impromptu rendition by residents in Siena.
With Covid-19 spreading across Europe and globally, British holidaymakers may be wondering how it could affect their trips abroad. With new cases announced each day, some advice for travellers looking to go abroad in the next few weeks, months and in the school summer holidays. Covering everything from what to do about insurance, when to book your holiday and where to go, even if that destination might be closer than you think.
The situation has worsened in Italy and South Korea, with some regions placed under 'unprecedented' restrictions.