The term that best encapsulates the dots I am trying to join up here - spirituality and home design - is well being: that is our 'elephant'. Whether it's the thread count of the Egyptian cotton sheets you're sleeping on, your newfound yoga addiction, or unquenchable prayer/meditation habit that keeps you sane, we're all essentially doing the same thing when it comes to these lifestyle choices.
I arrive at the QVC Beauty Bash with my cynical London reporter hat on. I'm here to cover makeup artist Laura Geller's first appearance at the mammoth event, where the shopping channel's biggest buyers are invited to schmooze the people behind the brands they love to purchase.
Two individuals that could benefit from Galilei's controversial theory of heliocentrism are QVC channel host Shawn Killenger
I think I finally know what it must feel like to be treated like a star. Last week I had an audition at QVC headquarters in Chiswick, London and my feet haven't touched the ground since.
After having been inundated with requests I thought I'd mention what I'd like for Valentine's Day ( aside from the diamond earrings of course and the surprise weekend away at the Waterside Inn!). Well, it's perfume.
Actress Jane Fonda has accused QVC of cancelling her appearance on the TV shopping channel because of her Vietnam war activism