The 20-year-old victim, who was assaulted in Stamford Hill, London, had a pillowcase put over her head as she was punched repeatedly.
'Next, they wheeled out a mixed group of the ultra-religious and politicians to trick Jesus with his own words. They said
Rabbi Janner-Klausner holds up an Israeli voting card, urging citizens there to vote for progressive change, at a rally in
The Archbishop of Canterbury has joined senior Christian, Jewish and Muslim religious leaders from across the country for
As violent attacks against Jewish communities and businesses continue in Europe, antisemitic incidents are also on the rise
This took 50 years and 200 deaths to build. Depending on whom you talk to, you are in Palestine or you are in Israel. Tourist
It has been a long road for the Church of England. Women priests were first proposed as concept in 1975, but it was only
The next generation of Church of England clergy will accept gay relationships and equal marriage, and may even seek a reversal
Strange as it may seem, the Liberal and Reform movements' model of religious leadership - a conference of rabbis who reach decisions by consensus - is actually closer to traditional Judaism than the Chief Rabbinate...
Multiculturalism creates a society where "everyone is a guest", Britain's chief rabbi has warned in an interview calling