race relations

The former president brought up a long-ago instance when he'd fought with a schoolmate who'd called him a slur to hurt him.
The Galveston Police Department issued an official apology for any "unnecessary embarrassment" caused by the incident.
'He isn’t telling Indians to go back home, but judging by the reactions on social media, that is the message his supporters are walking away with.'
'Willemse’s case illustrates the perniciousness of quota systems. Talent is glossed over, and skin colour rewarded unjustifiably.'
Treasury has long ago broken the so-called 'cappuccino effect' — in which companies have a few black people on top (the cinnamon) on an otherwise white leadership (the cream), with black people being the coffee at the bottom.
'It looks like the South African public is once again going to be robbed of the chance to see conflict handled well publicly.'
'This incident should serve as an opportunity to reflect and make this a teachable moment for all of us.'
'Racism permeated all sports. But rugby was where the greatest pain was felt, no doubt because Afrikaners misguidedly claimed it as their sport.'
One of the most tragic aspects of the recent high-profile hate speech and racism cases is the absence of remorse.
If an African liberalism is to be forged, it needs to speak to the lived realities of people.