Rafael Correa

At least four protesters have died and hundreds have been wounded so far.
The WikiLeaks founder's supporters range from Ecuador's former president to actress Pamela Anderson.
There was a reason Ecuador's president, Rafael Correa, chose to announce his support for an initiative to forgo exploiting the Tiputini, Tambococha and Ishpingo oil fields under the Yasuni National Park - home to indigenous peoples and one of the most biodiverse places on earth - on 5 June 2007: 5 June, today, is the United Nations' 'World Environment Day.'
Government after government across Europe has been thrown out since the great recession began to drive back living standards. Whether on the centre-left, such as Gordon Brown and Zapatero, or on the right with Berlusconi and Sarkozy, political rejection has started to look inevitable. But Rafael Correa's massive re-election win in Ecuador yesterday was a reminder to his European counterparts that political defeat is no iron law of politics.
Since president Rafael Correa took office, his new measures have made Ecuador one of the countries in the world with the lowest press freedom scores at the moment. Reporters Without Borders reports that at least 17 broadcast media channels have been shut down since the beginning of the year.
Ecuador's president Rafael Correa has said his country is willing to discuss the case of Julian Assange with Britain, but
Ecuador's President Rafael Correa has said it would be diplomatic "suicide" for the UK to enter his country's London embassy