U.S.-backed forces have finally retaken the Syrian city of Raqqa.
Syrian capital was once jihadist stronghold.
U.S.-backed militias in Syria declared victory over Islamic State in its capital Raqqa, raising flags over the last jihadist
A bombed out school in West Mosul Three years after Mosul first fell to the so-called Islamic State in Iraq & Syria (ISIS
What is extraordinary is the resilience and the spirit of these children. Less than half of them are in school, but they play their games and dream their dreams. Hamid, at fifteen, dreams of course of returning home - and of football. From a tent in the mud of the Bekaa Valley, he's a fan of Barcelona.
A new video of so-called Islamic State's "jihadi university" shows technicians for the group testing driverless car bombs
A teenager who became a 'poster girl' for the so-called Islamic State has reportedly been murdered for trying flee the terrorist
If any region is familiar with the debilitating effects of political corruption, it's the Middle East. And the notion of a 'power-vacuum' is central, in a struggle to come to terms with the recent bloodshed in Paris.
Nick Ferrari told a Muslim caller that if he does not agree with British foreign policy then he should "go some place else
People are urging Western nations to take caution in the wake of France's "massive" air strike on the Isis stronghold of