Ray Liotta

Here we see Michael Shannon playing the eponymous Iceman aka Richard Kuklinski, a New Jersey-based Mafia hit man who despatched more than 100 people over a number of years before police finally caught up with him.
Ricky Gervais may be happily polarising audiences with 'Derek', but that's just the nursery slopes compared with one of the
Brad Pitt has dashed fans' hopes for his imminent marriage to Angelina Jolie, saying "No plans yet. Other than, we're gonna
Henry Hill Dead, Mobster Played By Ray Liotta In Scorcese's 'Goodfellas' Dies Aged 69 (PICTURES) Henry Hill Dead: 13 Unforgettable
For fans of the gangster genre, Goodfellas is possibly one of the most loved and quoted. Apart from the number of times the
A former mobster turned FBI-informant who inspired the 1990 Martin Scorsese movie Goodfellas has died at the age of 69. Henry
The rain might still be here but there are no damp spirits in Cannes. It could be because Hollywood golden boy Brad Pitt has arrived in town. On the subject of his personal life, he said that Angelina Jolie is not here in Cannes with him as she's prepping for a new role and that rumours of an August wedding are false. "There's no date been set."
Similar to last year's The Social Network, Middle Men offers another online phenomenon (this time the rise of internet porn) as the basis for a tale of greed, deception and the vast financial rewards to be reaped from it all (all at the cost of everything else, of course).