Planning your wedding can be really overwhelming. There are so many things to organise and plan, so I am giving you the lowdown on the A-Z of wedding planning to keep you calm. Relax, I have you covered!
The first day at school is a big deal for everyone: children, teachers and parents (yes, they really do grow up that fast
This week was the first time it rained on my daughters school run. She has just started reception and to be honest? I wasn't ready. I am a rooky. It beat me. It made me crumble, have a little weep and taught me some valuable life lessons which I will share with you now. Ignore them at your peril...
A lesson I learned a long time ago was that the build up to what one might classify as a challenging calendar date, tends to be far more challenging than the calendar date itself. Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, each seeming to grow a little less painful as the years go by. I asked myself, Why would this be any different? It really was, though.
Do I have a life? BEEP BEEP - oh hang on sorry I just got a text, maybe it's someone asking if I want to go out for a drink. Oh no... it's just school AGAIN - apparently they are having cottage pie today instead of the planned menu option in order to celebrate British potato day. Like I give a f*ck!
Starting school has been discussed, analysed and mulled over since kids first went into education. There are articles, blog posts, forums and books on the subject. You can disappear up your own bum reading them all - believe me over the summer I nearly did.
Tests, whichever age they are undertaken, are not simply a pressure vault where children are expected to perform, but can over time improve the long-term chances of children, and hopefully, their overall quality of life.
A groom has admitted starting a devastating fire at the country house where his wedding reception was held. The blaze caused
Looks like Lindsay Lohan's got a case of Middleton mania: the actress chose to wear this Temperley London gown to Kim Kardashian's