How much more enjoyable would your life be if you were more relaxed whilst living it? Most of us live our lives in a state
How much more enjoyable would your life be if you were more relaxed whilst living it? Most of us live our lives in a state
Stress - it's a common theme with people I come across, from clients to friends. One illusion surrounding stress is prevalent - that it's unavoidable. Countless people tell me that they need to be on the go constantly because that is how they are made and there is nothing they can do about it.
All the buzz surrounding these isles is starting to make sense now, right? But ignore the background noise for now and follow our guide. These are the spots you have to see; if you time it right, you might just have them all to yourself...
The holidays are supposed to be fun. Right? Then how come most of us are stressing out and worrying for weeks ahead of the Big Day and dreading the day itself? What happened to all the love, joy, reunions, gift giving, laughter and merriment associated with this, the biggest of all the holidays?
Want to wake up on New Year's Day feeling fantastic? Here's my pick of health spas, yoga holidays and wellbeing breaks that will help you start 2015 with a clear head.
I have never wrapped that towel around tighter. Buddah-beauty is now trying to have a conversation with me. As she rambles on, the room is getting hotter and hotter, steam gradually obscuring everything in the room. Her face is now at a half moon, yet she still tries to engage in a conversation with me.
I arrived on a Friday night to be met with a smile. The place is grand and gorgeous, and you instantly regret not getting the broken wing mirror on your Clio fixed when driving in. We stayed in the Lancelot Suite . I was told it was 'only' a Junior suite, but that included a huge bed, wardrobes, separate shower, self-standing bath, two sinks and a huge terrace.
As a human being in this hectic modern world, chances are, you know what it's like to feel stressed, or even anxious.
The oft-repeated saying that we spend a third of our lives asleep is largely true. Sleep helps us recover our energy; it regulates our hormones, allows our body to grow and repair, strengthens our immune system, improves our mental health and, perhaps most ironically for those struggling to sleep, reduces our anxiety.
Since the UK singles chart began in 1952, everyone from the Beatles to Mr Blobby has occupied its famous peak. Few have caused
I know people of both genders who would always choose to have a male therapist, and I know people who would always choose to have a female therapist. Personally however, I would simply choose to have a good therapist.
Last month I invested in a little self-indulgence. By self-indulgence I mean three days of doing absolutely nothing, apart from the odd spa treatment and Fanta Lemon. There's a lot to be said for taking time out and yet few of us realise the value in it.
Stereotype is a funny thing, not least of all when it comes to spas, but it is also something that has the capacity to be extremely dangerous. While the vast majority of people associate spas with time out and something enjoyable, the range of details of what one might do on a day or break seems to remain remarkably narrow. The association between spa and relaxation is engrained, but often the details remain elusive.
London is known for its world-class attractions, iconic landmarks, and topnotch shops and restaurants. It's home to Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, and the Buckingham Palace, to just name a few. Tourists from all over the world are constantly infiltrating the city and exploring all of these various attractions. However, we know how difficult it can be when narrowing down the most worthy. So we've made it easier for you and have picked the five best London parks that you will not want to miss while exploring the city.
The four-day Easter weekend is almost here, hurrah! If you're lucky enough to have a break from work, why not take this opportunity
Does the thought of trying to lose weight make you feel stressed? You're not alone. And in my experience, getting stressed about your weight loss is one of the biggest obstacles to success. People who get stressed about their weight loss are much more likely to give up.
Firms have been urged to encourage their staff to literally switch off when they finish work after new research showed that