Religious persecution

The US president also didn't appear to know where Bangladesh is located...
The Prime Minister used her message to highlight religious persecution while Jeremy Corbyn raised the plight of refugees.
“The aim of the blasphemy laws is crush people who believe differently,” says Archbishop Nunzio Galantino.
Leaflets calling for the killing of Ahmadi Muslims have been found in a mosque in south London. The literature in question stated that Ahamdi Muslims should face death or 'capital punishment' if they refuse to convert to mainstream Islam.
It is difficult to see when all of this going to end, but one thing needs to be made clear: If we remain silent, all of us will eventually have to pay a heavy price.
Yes, you may find Christians to be dull, boring people with beliefs that you find ridiculous and a morality that you find oppressive, but such people act as the glue and the framework in society.
The Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Pakistan has become the soft target for politicians who seek to act tough for extreme hard line religious groups in order to garner political support and in some cases, through fear of their own lives if they are perceived as Ahmadi sympathisers.
Christianity could soon disappear into obscurity the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has warned. Unless churches
Christians face becoming "extinct" in large parts of the world, Baroness Warsi will warn on Friday. In a speech at Georgetown
Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, has accused David Cameron of "aiding and abetting" a public backlash against