We’ve done 24-hour shifts on repatriation flights with no PPE, and our reward is facing redundancy.
The German embassy in London has received 3380 requests for repatriation since the Brexit referendum in June 2016. Comparatively, only about 20 requests were made annually before Brexit. One such family, the descendants of Auschwitz survivor Anita Lasker-Wallfisch, say that the rising tensions in the country and the prospect of being cut off from freedom of movement around Europe has led to them applying for German citizenship, which was stripped from their families during the Nazi regime.
"To make victims pay for their freedom is immoral," Yvette Cooper has said.
I've been driving for over thirty years. I realise I'm jinxing it when I say I've never had an accident, (if you exclude the idiot in Finchley, arguing with his girlfriend and ramming me up the back end), but I haven't.
If there's one thing repatriating after a twenty-seven year absence will teach you it's that there are no stupid questions. You might feel stupid asking them at the time, as I did when handed a green plastic disc in the supermarket, but if you're to make any headway, pride must be swallowed.
I repatriated to the U.K. three weeks ago, after more than two decades in the United States. I'd been lucky enough to come back at least once a year for most of that time, so it's not exactly like landing on the moon, but there are a few things that are making me scratch my head. I'm not sure whether it's changed since I've been gone, or I just didn't notice it all those years ago.
When I left England, there was no Internet, cell phones were the size of micro-waves and couldn't be used for anything other than verbal communication, and self-check-outs, mercifully, had yet to be invented.
Living abroad is an incredible experience. It changes your horizons, your expectations, and who you are. For most expats, there'll come a time when for one reason or another, home starts calling. Here's what to expect when you book your one-way ticket back...
Swiss investigators are examining whether the design of a tunnel contributed to a school coach crash which killed 28 people
The British victim of the Swiss coach crash went to school in North London before his parents moved to Belgium, it has been