Repetitive strain injury

Make sure your bike and body are cycle fit.
Promotional feature from Voltarol
Inspired by the achievements of homegrown heroes like Bradley Wiggins, Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton, Britain has become
Turns out your smartphone habit isn’t just ruining your sleep but could also be linked to a type of repetitive strain injury
My sit-stand desk makes dynamic movement easier to do too. Because I'm already standing, walking to a colleague's desk doesn't seem as big a chore as it did when I was sitting all the time. I suppose because I'm already on my legs, and don't have to do the work of getting up, I'm more likely to walk around.
Cynical click-bait headline aside, I'll cut to the chase, they don't work. There, I said it. But let's look at why that is, there are three main reasons...
Going to the osteopath to fix your pain is like rebooting your computer instead of reinstalling the software. Better still, the Alexander Technique allows you to rewrite the software altogether.
Our digital devices pose such an irresistible temptation, many of us secretly wish the choice of whether or not to be on screen would be taken from us - at least occasionally. Consider the holiday destinations where you have to hand over your digital devices in order to check in.
I heard that due to concerns about her privacy, Rihanna has abandoned her smartphone for an old-style flip phone. I too have concerns about privacy (though I suspect my reasons may not be the same as Rihanna's), but that's not why I've resisted getting a smartphone.
Now that we can take our work anywhere - we do. But typically, we don't take our ergonomic accessories with us. It's understandable - who really wants to lug a laptop stand, detachable keyboard and mouse to Starbucks?