The document, published during LGBTQ Pride Month, stresses procreation.
Did you know.... 10% of women worldwide suffer from Endometriosis? That's a shocking 176 million. Yet, despite this, very
It's time to move beyond the 'young, careless, single woman' stereotype.
One in three women in the UK have had an abortion in their lifetime, but despite such large numbers, there is still a huge
But the number of frozen eggs actually being used to make babies is very low.
There has been a "substantial increase" in the amount of women opting to freeze their eggs so they can become mothers later
Babies. The constant stream of news stories about when we're having them, why we're not and the technologies available that can help us obtain them, seems testament to how all consumed we are with the issue of fertility in 2015...
Feminism has risen to the forefront of many people's minds this year, in no small part thanks to Emma Watson's inspiring UN speech. But one of my favourite things to appear recently is Caitlin Stasey's new website,
With church and religion being always against any form of interference in the natural course of childbirth, especially using science, it remains to be seen whether the doors will open for Ectogenesis or if they will be sealed shut. In any case, Science has already found its path now.
No, it’s not a load of balls.