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This abandoned pup was born with an extra tail -- right on his forehead. His vet thinks he could go on to do great things.
We rounded up the week's best news stories, from inspiring rock stars, to quick-thinking bus drivers, and a gasp-inducing cat rescue.
Hundreds of dehydrated baby flamingo chicks have been airlifted from their drought-stricken home in the Northern Cape to a bird sanctuary in Cape Town. The drought in South Africa has led to dams drying up, endangering the habitat of the birds. Volunteers fed the starved chicks upon arrival with a mix of baby cereal, eggs and the prawns that give them their famous colour.
An orphaned spectacled bear was rescued in Peru, after locals reportedly killed his mother and left the 8-month old cub tied to a tree. The cub is receiving round-the clock care with local vets, to get him back to health.
This will be the fifth Christmas Day that Angela Cox has spent with rescue animals, the ritual has become a major part of her life. The Battersea volunteer is a 'dog socialiser' – a hands-on role that involves taking the dogs for walks and carrying out ‘kennel sessions’ where she teaches them things like how to sit, give paw and not jump up at people. This all helps in making them as ready as possible for their future homes.
A rescue dog chose to trust her foster mum with her new pups by placing all 11 of them in her lap. In an astounding video