Pupils at a school in Suffolk were left with just five hours to be taught a novel for their exam after they found out they
A sixth form college has launched an investigation after a group of students sat down to an AS Level exam only to find they
If you're sick of staring at sums, Shakespeare or science equations, then perhaps you'd like to take a turn at staring at
Right, so we all know A-levels, AS-levels, GCSEs, uni finals etc etc etc are upon us, and we're sure everyone's busy revising
We're pretty sure you've already been snowed under with revision tips from teachers, parents, your neighbour, your neighbour's
So this is it. Finally, after almost two years of mocks and modules and in some cases re-sits, I am finally entering the murky couple of months of GCSEs.
Stressed out students at Aberdeen University in Scotland are going to be given a special room on campus to calm down with
Picture this: you're revising. But you're not entering the realm of despair, wondering about flights to South America or what you'd look like with a moustache. How is this possible? The answer's not an app, robot, or human clone and you can't buy it on the internet. Here are the low-tech secrets that will take away your revision pain.
The way I see it, the fact that I have a constant mountain of papers and notebooks on my desk is a good thing. It shows I make a lot of notes at school and generally have such a good work ethic that I like to look over them continuously, which explains why they are spread all over my desktop.
Yes, it's the sad truth. Computers are becoming more powerful and they're making our brains less so, the internet is rotting the minds of the university generation. Online procrastination is a scourge with many students spending hours devising ways to avoid its virtual tentacles.