Rex Tillerson

John Kelly and Rex Tillerson resisted the president's agenda while in office, the former US ambassador to the United Nations wrote in her new memoir.
"Who wants to break the whole, 'Individual-1' stuff to him?"
If the US want to stand against global warming, they will stand alone
Mike Pompeo has ties to one of America’s largest anti-Muslim organisations.
"Late Show" host has some parting gifts for the former U.S. secretary of state.
Mike Pompeo has long opposed same-sex marriage and other queer rights issues.
And true to form, the U.S. "Commander-in-chief" made the announcement on Twitter...
Mike Pompeo, who was tapped to replace Rex Tillerson, could be the first secretary of state to reject climate science outright. Climate deniers have high hopes for him.
Tillerson learned he’d been sacked from president’s tweet.
The five things you need to know about politics today.