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NEW YORK -- Richard Dawkins gave a full-throated interview to Fox News Radio this week, calling it “disgraceful” that Republican
NEW YORK -- What would America be like if it weren't saddled by the "uncultured, ignorant" evangelicals that sit like an
Richard Dawkins has said Islamophobia is a "non-word" while defending his comments that a Muslim teenager, who was arrested
Saudi Arabia has denied offering to build 200 mosques in Germany after reports circulated earlier this month. On Thursday
There's a reason of course for Dawkins' line of questioning. He is a scientist and probing goes with the territory. But Dawkins' relentless curiosity appears to have killed any sensibilities he has about how human beings operate.
But Twitter was not having it: SEE ALSO: Trump Supporter Calls Calls For Ethnic Cleansing Ann Coulter Posts 'Anti-Semitic
Richard Dawkins has lambasted Saudi Arabia's "sick" offer to build 200 mosques for refugees in Germany, as the Gulf state
Oliver Sacks has died aged 82, prompting people from Richard Dawkins to JK Rowling to pay tribute to the beloved neurologist
Richard Dawkins has condemned the "hatefest" directed at Cecil the Lion's killer, Walter Palmer, in what he called an "over
NEW YORK -- Richard Dawkins is "not an atheist," according to a young Earth creationist who is currently building a life