right to buy

Buy something you can add value to. Don't go for your dream home first time. It almost certainly ain't gonna happen. Don't be put off by grubbiness. If it needs work, good, if it needs a lot of work, even better - you can really increase value.
It was hardly a surprise when a Tory housing minister in a Tory-led government announced that he was to reanimate the corpse of right to buy. Once again, reassurances have been given that each home sold will be replaced. Yet the devil is as always in the detail.
A dramatic increase in the discount available to tenants buying their council homes will restore "a vital rung on the property
Some lessons are never learned and the boom and bust of the housing market is one of them. As we finish one housing crash we are already setting ourselves up for the next one. The seeds for the next sub-prime mortgage crisis have already been sown.
David Cameron has pledged to "reboot" the right-to-buy scheme by offering council tenants discounts of up to £75,000. The
Discounts offered to council tenants to buy their own homes will be increased to a maximum of £50,000 across England under
Extensions to the right to buy council homes and the release of thousands of acres of brownfield to developers are designed
Thousands of acres of publicly-owned brownfield land are to be released by the Government for housebuilding, David Cameron
Our changes are part of the most radical reform of social housing for a generation, to give councils more flexibility to use their social housing stock to the maximum effect and drive down waiting lists.
Why is this minister pursuing policies even more damaging that Margaret Thatcher ever dreamt of?