robert halfon

On Wednesday, George Osborne grew in stature as a Tory Chancellor. The Budget was the most definitive account of the government's plan for growth. Yet it was mainly framed as a tax reform budget, and it is by this standard it should be judged.
Trade unions are "bastions of capitalism" and can be "soulmates" of the Tories, it was claimed on Friday. Conservative MP
Sightseers wishing to climb the 334 steps of Big Ben's tower will be able to do so free of charge for at least another three
Tory MP Robert Halfon has questioned the practice of charging people to climb the clock tower at Westminster to see Big Ben
William Hague told MPs there was "grave concern" about the actions of the Iranian government as a Conservative MP claimed
John Bercow has reassured MPs that he is "not worried" by reports that Parliament is slowly slipping into the river Thames
The number of cars on the road has suffered its steepest decline since records began, with many blaming the increasing cost
In September 2000 fuel protests over petrol prices stopped Britain for seven days. Schools closed, supermarkets shelves emptied
Foreign secretary William Hague has said he believes the Scottish government should “urgently” review the release of Lockerbie
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing should be brought back to Britain if Muammar Gaddafi's regime