Robert Mueller

The one-time national security adviser later tried to withdraw his plea to lying to the FBI.
"Innocent people don't say things like this," one person noted on Twitter.
What had been Attorney General William Barr's administrative review of the origins of the Russia investigation has become a criminal inquiry, The NY Times says.
"Q is you. And Q is me. Q is logic. Q is a plan to save the world."
Infernal heat, a new prime minister, and melting hamsters...
The former special counsel of the Trump-Russia investigation agreed that the president could be charged with obstruction of justice.
Special counsel will testify in open session about his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections.
He also announced he would resign and the special counsel’s office would close.
It will be Mueller's first public statement on the probe into the 2016 Trump campaign and Russian interference in the election.