Robert Mugabe

"My wife is crying daily. They are persecuting her… What am I without my wife and family? We are not safe."
As the ousted former despot celebrates his 94th birthday, we look back at his life in politics.
Imagine a ruling political party whose leader has become both a national and an international embarrassment
They have done little to honour the man who veteran Zimbabwean journalist Peta Thornycroft remembers did more than anyone.
Reports last weak indicated that members of the G40 were about to launch a new party in Zimbabwe.
Under ex-president, Robert Mugabe’s government white farmers were allowed to lease the land for only 5-years.
Zimbabwe’s law frames LGBT people as criminals or “would-be” criminals – a constant threat to “normal” (that is, heterosexual) people’s health.
'We feared Mugabe would be dragged through streets like Gaddafi,' says ex-spokesperson.
Mugabe's nephew, Patrick Zhuwao recently claimed during an interview with Voice of America that his uncle was being "ill-treated" by Mnangagwa's government.