Robin Hood tax

Were the bankers made to pay? No. Do they continue to live the high life? Yes. While they got bailed out, we got sold out
When asked when was the last time he had spoken to David Cameron, Gove replied with a smile: “A while back.” Nicola Sturgeon
Labour has announced it will introduce a ‘Robin Hood Tax’, which they expect could raise £26 billion over the course of the
Broadcasters seem to relish the opportunity to play the Robin Hood theme song whenever the Robin Hood Tax is in the news, as it has been over the past few days... So as City lobbyists are hastily dusting off their crib sheets on why we should oppose an FTT, it's worth tackling their main charges head on
Britain's shadow chancellor John McDonnell is set to to unveil the Labour Party's backing for the Financial Transaction Tax
One of Jeremy Corbyn's anti-austerity economic advisers has warned the new Labour leadership against aping the Tories, suggesting
George Osborne is under fire for an "outrageous misuse" of public money after spending nearly £200,000 trying to protect
You'd struggle to find a better example of 'the establishment' than the businesses operating in the City of London. The firms, which range from banks to brokers, insurance to law firms, are diverse in their work but can often be found singing the same tune when it comes to the regulation of what they do.