Roger Gale

The backbencher said the outburst was aimed "at no one in particular".
Roger Gale says either Suella Braverman or Priti Patel are to blame for the crisis.
Other Conservatives have suggested the prime minister should resign, as the total edges towards the 54 threshold.
Asked whether every person with a Russian passport should be expelled from the UK, Sir Roger Gale replied: “I think pretty much yes. I’m afraid so.”
HuffPost UK will keep you up-to-date with the running total of Conservative MPs who suggest the prime minister should resign or face a confidence vote.
Veteran backbencher says the prime minister's position would be "untenable".
Veteran MP Sir Roger Gale is worried post-Brexit immigration rules will leave a “gaping hole” in care homes and in low-paid NHS jobs.
All three appointments supportive of May's Brexit deal.
Cross-party letter makes clear there is no majority for crashing out of the bloc.