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Arron Banks: ‘You don’t have a monopoly on history!’
Arron Banks: 'You don't have a monopoly on history!'
Rather than defer to a respected historian’s perspective, the businessman doubled down.    The gallery had its say. Beard
If the United States of America has just elected a budding Caligula to lead it then we should be very afraid. Caligula was stabbed by a Praetorian Centurion whom he insulted for having a high voice. Living Gods they may be, but the Emperors of our times are not immortal.
'It’s the first generation of Londoners speaking to us.'
The earliest handwritten documents in Britain have been discovered among hundreds of Roman waxed writing tablets uncovered
"Poor, poor Paris. Killed by complacency," opines Niall Ferguson (Sunday Times, 15 November 2015). This is Ferguson's parting
In the absence of anything else, I might wish Zenobia would rise up from the sand and hold out a mailed fist to repel those faithless fighters of IS. It seems no one else will.
I determined to nerd up on vino and give old Bacchus a run for his money, ahead of our wedding, because nobody would be wrapping ties around heads or knee-sliding across the dancefloor without a few, potent grapes in their tums.
A child who was possibly murdered at one of Britain's most important Roman sites 1,800 years ago came from the Mediterranean