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Ross Kemp has defended celebrities including Gary Lineker and Lily Allen, who have been criticised for weighing in on the
Ross Kemp has revealed his hopes for his latest documentary ‘Libya’s Migrant Hell’, which concludes his current Sky One series
I first visited Colombia 10 years ago, when covering the demobilisation of right-wing paramilitary groups that had emerged some two decades earlier to fight Marxist guerrilla soldiers. Since then, I have remained very attached to Colombia and its fate. This month, and a decade on from my first visit, the Colombian government has signed a historic peace agreement with leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, otherwise known as FARC. This accord brings Colombia closer to peace than ever before. Like everyone, who knows and loves Colombia, I wish both parties every success as they try to convert the deal from a piece of paper signed by old commanders tired of war, to a meaningful peace on the ground. But I hold my breath.
Speaking about their time working together on the BBC One soap, Martine said: “It was some of the best times ever. There
We also found that, over the last 10 years, trafficking ivory has become far more organised. Criminal gangs have now begun taking over the trade, drawn by the vast profits to be made particularly in the South East Asian market where ivory is seen as a status symbol. It is a startling realisation but - with the increasing demand for ivory in China and the Far East coupled with poor governance and corruption in Mozambique - if the Poachers maintain their killing rate their will be no more elephants in Mozambique in five years' time.
The Republican candidate, Donald Trump, launched his campaign in a blaze of migrant condemnation, accusing Mexico of sending drug-dealers and rapists into the United States. His rhetoric might have got a bit more sophisticated but he still keeps pushing his proposal to build an 'impenetrable physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall' 2,000 miles along the Mexican border... In May I went with the Extreme World team to the US/Mexican border to investigate the attitudes, views and motivations of the people involved in the issue, from those spending thousands of dollars and risking their lives to cross the border, to the smugglers and traffickers making millions from this massive business to the men and women who are paid to try and stop them.
Ross Kemp has revealed the surprising reason why we probably won’t be seeing him back in ‘EastEnders’ as Grant Mitchell again
The first day of our shoot was April 20th - Hitler's birthday. We had heard that Mongolia's far right groups sometimes gathered to celebrate the event with a procession through town. Nothing, however, could have prepared me for the sight that greeted us on a patch of waste ground on the edge of the city. Dozens of Mongolian Nazis were gathering in cars and motorbikes - dressed in replica SS uniforms. Filming this event was to open a window on a shocking subculture of fascists not afraid to use violence to preserve what they saw as the purity of the Mongolian race against pollution by foreigners.