Royal Marines

In truth I think we have suffered from a degree of "Afghan fatigue" amongst the viewing public. To date there have been some very fine series and films on the war in Afghanistan and a few rather lacklustre ones that, it seemed to me, just wanted to jump on the band wagon.
So much goes into making films, the usual blood, sweat and tears thing, that to see the final credits role at the end is like experiencing a sort of bereavement. Not sure I can fully explain this but filmmakers out there will know what I mean.
Tonight, I have a new series going out on Channel 5. I want people to watch the Royal Marines at work. This is a very special breed of men doing the toughest of all jobs in one of the most ferocious parts of Afghanistan.
A member of the Royal Air Force who was injured in the same explosion which killed a Royal Marine in Afghanistan has died
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- About 350 sailors are being forced out of the Royal Navy against their will as part of defence cuts
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A Royal Marine has been killed in Afghanistan after a grenade was thrown into his patrol's checkpoint
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Some British soldiers could be posted on year-long tours of Afghanistan to maintain continuity during