Saddleworth Moor

Fires broke out on Saddleworth Moor, West Yorkshire, after the hottest winter day on record. Temperatures hit 21.2 degrees celsius in Kew Gardens, south-west London. The West Yorkshire fire and rescue service said it had up to 40 firefighters fighting the blaze on Tuesday night as an area of around 1.5 square kilometres was burning.
"It looked quite impressive, quite an intense fire."
Blazes caused high levels of substance linked to lung cancer, asthma and infant mortality.
Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service described it as 'absolutely heartbreaking and unbelievable'.
There are 28 fire engines tackling the blaze near Bolton, England.
The body of Moors Murderer Ian Brady will not be released until assurances have been given that his ashes will not be scattered
A new documentary airing Wednesday takes a fresh look on the case of the “Man on the Moor” - a mystery man found dead on
He was carrying nothing except three train tickets and £130 in cash.
The mystery of an unknown man who was found dead on a moor with poison in his body more than a year ago has finally been
Tests have been carried out on a spade found buried on Saddleworth Moor to establish whether it has any connection to the
The tragic news of the death of Winifred Johnson, the mother of Keith Bennett, brings closure to a life of peculiar torment but not an end to one of the most notorious episodes in British criminal history.
Even if Ian Brady's letter reveals the exact location of Keith Bennett's body, the chances of finding the remains of the
Why did you write a novel about her? About Myra Hindley, a woman who killed children? It's the question I'm most frequently asked about my novel, Myra, Beyond Saddleworth, and is both hard and easy to answer. The material was dark and disturbing, and many people can't understand why a writer would persevere with it. But that's the point. Unless we look, really look at the terrible things human beings do to each other, we have no chance of understanding how and why they happen.
Moors Murderer Ian Brady will have his mental health tribunal hearing held in public this summer, a judge has ruled. The