safe space

Safe spaces at one chain were used more than 100 times in the first week of the latest campaign to help people escape their abusers.
New laws would allow them to report incidents confidentially to a specialist body.
The facility will provide overnight shelter for up to 230 homeless people.
I’m not supporting people being offensive to each other, but to have people literally guarding what others say is absolutely ludicrous
The growing momentum behind the #MeToo campaign that is encouraging survivors of sexual violence to speak out means that
I took a walk the other morning with my partner. The memories of a night celebrating Manchester Pride still a little too strong, and my hangover even stronger - we figured the fresh air would do us good.
University education must not be treated as a business through prioritizing the satisfaction of their students (perhaps 'customers' a more apposite term) over the formative learning experience that is the very essence of studying at university.
If I'm right that the left is a forward thinking, democratic movement, the prestige of reasonable debate is ours to claim, but we must be more confident in asserting it, in taking it out of the hands of people who would happily abuse the tradition of free speech to futher their bigoted agendas.
Some people might label these events as 'one offs', and decide it's not worth 'making a fuss' by reacting. But in fact, this editing is the lesbian, gay, bi and trans community's response to structural oppression and discrimination (something that all marginalised communities have to deal with on a daily basis.)
One's measure of empathy and compassion - or one's presumptive mental health, for that matter - cannot and should not be judged on the basis of whether they agree with proliferating trigger warnings or politicised "safe space" saviourism.