Sajid Javid

The issue has sparked fury from Tory MPs who have called on the government to "have some empathy".
The change to allow medical abortions at home following a phone or video consultation was introduced during lockdown.
“Forgive me if I just broke the rules there,” the Money Saving Expert said.
The health secretary insisted the PM was not suggesting fighting a foreign invasion is like voting to leave the EU.
"If there is any kind of attack on Nato territory, then it will be war with Nato and there will be a severe response," Sajid Javid said.
The health secretary said the shelling of the hospital was a war crime and promised: "Putin will be held responsible."
Health secretary Sajid Javid said he was "proud that the UK is offering lifesaving medical care" to the Ukrainian children.
"If someone thinks they might have flu, they don’t need to take a test. They recognise the symptoms, ideally you stay away from work."
Sajid Javid accepts advice from the JCVI for an additional booster for those aged 75 and over and some care home residents.
A planned meeting of the Cabinet to sign off on the 'Living With Covid' strategy has been delayed.