“I’m hopeful this tragedy will inspire our elected leaders to take action to restore our rivers before it is too late.”
One dermatologist said she considers salmon to be a superfood for skin health.
I have a guilty secret. I am a vocal supporter of local produce and local producers but I buy Alaskan salmon. The reason
It has been reported - in this week's Scottish Sunday Herald - that plans are afoot to develop the world's largest salmon
When it comes to reducing cholesterol; improving skin, hair and nail condition; and maintaining a healthy heart, oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, fresh tuna and sardines really are are a must-have ingredient to include in your diet. They're rich in heart healthy omega-3 which is really important for heart health.
I had to check my calendar this morning to make sure we're actually halfway through February. I mean it seemed like only last week I was enjoying a glass (or five) of Prosecco, counting down the seconds to 2016!
flickr | William Klos Each autumn, the gray whale migrates from its feeding grounds at the Bering in Alaska, down the western
Speed up your calorie burn with the nutritious, metabolism-boosting ingredients with this health recipe. Omega-3s in fatty
Did you know that America has invented a salmon cannon for shooting, yes, salmon? No? Well, nor did John Oliver. Until now
I think it's really important for children to be involved in food preparation, as the more they know about cooking and healthy eating from a young age, the more likely they are to use those skills in later life.
In the pre-industrial past salmon used to swim happily upriver to their spawning grounds, unhindered by nothing more than
Here's a really lovely quiche recipe. It's not that hard, but if it's a bottle of wine day then maybe buy the pastry...
Ever wondered what your favourite heroine eats for breakfast or snacks on after those long pages of emotional disarray? Jackie
Salmon trout is such a delicious fish and cooked this simple way the fish will remain juicy and you will get the best flavour and texture. The chilli mint sauce with the courgette fritti is a great combination and very simple to prepare. The fresher the courgettes the crispier your fritti will be. Have a great week!
Every day in the UK approximately 900 people get diagnosed with cancer. That works out to be 300,000 every year. In every three people you know, one will develop cancer. A few everyday changes can be made to help you reduce your risk of developing cancer.
I would say that I'm one of those people who enjoys cooking, but has never really found the knack of following recipes. Perhaps it's the designer in me, but when I'm left alone in the kitchen, I always have the urge to get creative and result in a recipe far from the picturesque concoction in a recipe book.
Salmon and other Omega-3-rich fish have long since been touted as a good foodstuff to stave off heart disease, but a new is an online 'ingredients for a meal' delivery service with the mission of empowering people to cook. They deliver the ingredients for a meal for two to your doorstep along with expert recipes and tips.
"If you find yourself near Pike and Broadway before I see you, you need to try the fries at Pike St. Fish Fry," emailed my friend Erik, 46, from the Madison Park neighbourhood after I announced a long weekend in Seattle. Kind of a little weird that the only thing he mentioned was fries.
This dish is great for two or four people. The time of preparation isn't very long and if you prepare it beforehand you could go out and when you get back home you just pop it in the oven and 14 minutes later its on the table. Also it doesn't make your oven smell!