Yup, it's actually out of our control (we're telling ourselves).
Professionals use much more salt than the average home cook. Here's how to know when you've got it just right.
Turn on the TV and a well-known chef is chucking handfuls of sea salt over a dish. Is it healthier than table salt? We asked the experts.
Veganism and meat substitutes are becoming more popular but a new report warns some foods are highly processed.
The so-called 'sugar tax' is said to have taken 90m kilos of sugar out of the nation’s diet.
Some meat-free products contain "more salt than seawater".
Action On Salt has issued guidance on takeaways and ready meals.
'Many of these meal combinations provide an excessive amount of salt and calories, saturates and sugars.'
'Steady on the with salt #Nigella. The roads need gritting tonight!'