Sam Bain

A channel in the US has commissioned a script.
Any comedy lumbering into its eighth series usually faces accusations of becoming stale and tired, but Peep Show doesn't have to worry about that: it's barely managed to rustle up a single negative review since it initially aired way back in 2003.
Mark enters a relationship with Sophie (Olivia Colman) and finds, quite rapidly, that... he doesn't really like her. This isn't anyone's fault, neither are presented as terrible human beings. They're just fundamentally incompatible and only end up steamrolling into marriage due to crippling mutual loneliness.
Peep Show and Fresh Meat creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong have written a new comedy for Channel 4, spoofing glitzy Dynasty
Fresh Meat (Channel 4) is just one episode old, but already it may be the most painful comedy about social awkwardness that