Sansa Stark

A brief investigation into whether or not obscure Game of Thrones characters influenced the actor and husband Joe Jonas' naming choice.
The actress also revealed there is a “very satisfying” end for her character Sansa Stark
The women we championed for nearly a decade suffered confusing character shifts in the final season.
Jessica was not impressed with an exchange between The Hound and Sansa Stark.
Viewers were dreading Sansa Stark's marriage to sociopathic Ramsey Bolton, and their fears were justified. This plot twist deviated from the books, in which Sansa's best friend, Jeyne Poole - masquerading as her sister, Arya - marries Bolton. It has sparked outrage, after Bolton was seen raping Sansa on their wedding night.
'Game of Thrones' has never held back when it comes to depicting the most feral of activities both on the battlefield and