Sarah Silverman

"I didn't fight it," the comedian said in a recent interview.
It's rare that celebrities post a less than picture-perfect image of themselves. But recently they have shared themselves looking old... with the help of the FaceApp. Gordon Ramsay, Kevin Hart, Sarah Silverman and Josh Brolin gave it a try.
Plus, the Tom Cruise joke that got cut from the Beatles-inspired film and Sarah Silverman's key contribution to the script.
"That was my last mammogram with this dude. Or any dude."
Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae and Sarah Silverman make this “hands down” the best cover ever.
They “consciously uncoupled,” the comedian joked.
HuffPost US spoke to women who have grappled with their affection for men accused of sexual misconduct.
Sarah Silverman is finally addressing the scandal surrounding one of her “best friends of over 25 years,” Louis C.K. On this
My plan was simple, yet brilliant. I would buy this book and read it. Then, if it won the prize I could smugly put up a Facebook post about what a great book it was.