saturated fats

Fat is made up of fatty acid molecules that are joined together, usually in groups of three (a triglyceride). When eaten and digested, it's broken down into single fatty acids, which are then absorbed into the blood and used in a variety of different bodily functions. These include:
Experts recommend replacing saturated fat with healthier sources of energy.
This year the jury has been out when it comes to saturated fats. While health officials have continued to warn a diet high
It's January. Millions of people will soon begin a weight-loss-motivated diet. Most of them will fail. The staggering predictability of this try-fail phenomenon begs the question, "Is dieting fundamentally flawed?"
Many people only remember a headline when they look at a newspaper, so what people appear to have taken away from the latest spate of coverage is that they should eat more butter - and high fat foods - in order to stay healthy, which could not be further from the truth.
A study looking at whether saturated fats and trans fats cause death, heart disease or type 2 diabetes in adults has unearthed
The enduring struggle to curb degenerative diseases through improved nutrition has reached a critical juncture. Knowledge that sugar, not saturated fat, promotes these diseases is spreading widely. Nutrition-oriented communities mustn't squander this rare historical opportunity. The Paleo and Vegan communities should act strategically, intelligently, and decisively.
With the disarray surrounding fat, sugar and protein and the debates between health experts, dietitians and fitness gurus
In my opinion, based on the findings of this paper there is no evidence to tell people to consume a diet high in saturated fat. It is still a bad idea to eats lots of fast-food burgers and processed hot dogs. Yet, a diet rich in plant-based foods protects our health.
Diets high in saturated fat do not increase heart disease risk or cholesterol levels, instead public health warnings should