Scott Pruitt

"Space Mountain’s going to be underwater in 10 years, you son of a b@*ch!"
“Need your pipeline approved? Do it through Pruitt!”
There’s actually no “tremendous disagreement” among federal climate scientists that humans are to blame for accelerated global warming.
“We’ll fight Trump in the courts, in the streets, and at the state and local level across America to protect the health of every community.”
As CNBC noted, Pruitt’s comment puts him at odds with America’s experts on the issue. “The planet’s average surface temperature
That litany of goods and services looks anything but a choice for life, as Renton finally acknowledges. I'm looking forward to seeing Trainspotting 2 and wondering if it invites us to ask a little more insistently, "how clean is clean?"
I have given up making predictions these days, but today I'll make an exception: I predict that this blogpost will be shared by far fewer people online than anything I've written over the past several weeks. Climate change? Boring. Or will you prove me wrong?
I am not suggesting that we blinker ourselves to the prospect of Trump's regime - and, in particular, to the appointment Scott Pruitt as Head of the Environmental Protection Agency - but before the official inauguration, I believe we should hold our nerve.