Scottish Conservatives

Nicola Sturgeon to seek "legal referendum" if SNP wins Holyrood election, regardless of whether Boris Johnson agrees.
Conservatives later reposted a tweet saying the SNP-led government had "shattered the life chances of thousands".
The SNP leader talks sexism, Scottish independence and John McDonnell's claim her party will be "annihilated" if it doesn't back Jeremy Corbyn at Westminster.
It comes the day after Boris Johnson revealed plans to prorogue parliament.
Nigel Farage's new party came second in the recent European elections. But in such a Remain stronghold, who are his supporters?
Where they stand on Brexit, their key allies and what chance they stand of winning.
The commission has requested information from the party.
The Brexiteer was reportedly confronted by Met Police officers in Westminster's Strangers bar.
Westminster has the option of overruling Holyrood - but that has never happened before.