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But NOAA manages to save 18 “cold-stunned” sea turtles in Texas.
I don't know how many turtles I actually saved and I'll never know. But for a few months of my life I donned the cape, picked up the nunchucks and lived the life of a real superhero.
Along with the likes of the giant Panda, Polar Bear, Rhino, Elephant, Tiger and a whole host of others, Turtles gain a lot
A rare albino turtle was spotted on Sunday on a beach in Australia. The tiny creature, dubbed 'Little Alby,' was discovered
Police officers have arrested one of two women for allegedly sitting on a nesting sea turtle on a beach in Florida. Stephanie
Biologists at the Loggerhead Marine life Center in south Florida have captured the beautiful moment that two sea turtles
A sea turtle, appearing to be in excruciating pain, has been helped out by a group of marine biologists after they removed
"Cause we were like, 'Woaaaah', and I was like, 'Woaaaah' and you were like, 'woaaahh'..." A turtle reminiscent of Finding
When Akut-3, a 45kg loggerhead turtle, had a run in with a boat's propeller, he was left with 60% of his face missing or
It's a strange life - after burying the eggs, she then heads back to the ocean and is unlikely to ever see her offspring. The turtle nesting season runs from May to October with each female laying around 100 eggs.