Sean Connery

There have been huge losses from the worlds of TV, film, music, sport and fashion over the last 12 months.
The US president claims the James Bond star helped him win planning for a controversial development in Scotland.
“He got his final wish to slip away without fuss”, the actor’s wife, Michelin, said.
His family confirmed the news on Saturday morning.
As well as her role in 1964′s Goldfinger, she was known as Cathy Gale in The Avengers.
Tania Mallet has died aged 77. A Blackpool-born model and actress, Mallet was best known for her role as Tilly Masterson in the 1964 James Bond film “Goldfinger”.
‘James Bond’ stars past and present have paid their respects to Sir Roger Moore, who played 007 in seven films across his
Why yes, yes they do. However, there is a crucial difference, and it is one that is often overlooked. To make my point I'll choose an example of a very public situation, as opposed to a dingy club where the interaction isn't seen by anyone.
LIKE US ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Sean Connery turns 85 today. The bodybuilder turned actor has, at various times
If the BBC thinks that they can continue to broadcast "TV" shows to the online world they are way behind the curve. They need to be much more gangster with their new approach to making content both long form and short form and look at how the online word is doing it better, bolder and cheaper.
The Oscars 2013 could see Sir Sean Connery come out of retirement as part of a James Bond tribute, reports have claimed. Academy
What the hell's going on? Is Bond working for Silva? Because if he is, he couldn't have done a worse job of protecting poor M. Who'd've thunk that a private army equipped with state-of-the-art helicopters and weaponry could get the better of one MI6 agent and two pensioners?
Sean Connery turned down the role of Gandalf in hit movie franchise 'Lord Of The Rings' because he didn't understand the
The fact that Judi Dench's M is certainly a match for the intelligence, professionalism and cunning of Daniel Craig's Bond should mean the producers have greater license to provide for Bond girls like Miss Goodnight, from The Man with the Golden Gun.
At last! If you're anything like us, you've probably whiled away many a fruitless hour trying to decide on the best-ever
50 years of Bond - James Bond - means all sorts of celebrations for our most dashing international export, including James
Happy National Underwear Day! Yes it’s that time of year when we celebrate all things knicker-related. For this momentous