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You lucky, lucky people. If you have been appointed as a Head of Department, you will of course be looking forward to starting your journey towards changing the lives of myriad young people through your chosen subject. And what a journey that is going to be! I'm not even being sarcastic, folks.
Headteachers have claimed that tens of thousands of teenagers could have been adversely affected by grade boundary changes
David Cameron has insisted that the Government's free schools programme is a "great success". Many of the new schools are
An overhaul of GCSE coursework has been damaging to modern foreign language classes, according to a report by the exams regulator
More than 100 new free schools have been approved to open in England over the coming years, Prime Minister David Cameron
Remember, the social worth of a University is not to be measured in the projects it does, or the numbers of students it has, or the wealth it's students create. The social worth of a University is in the decisions it's graduates throughout their career.
Amid Lib Dem fury at Michael Gove's leaded plans to scrap GCSEs and replace with them with something resembling the old O
More than a million schoolchildren do not speak English as their first language, official figures show. Data published by
A major coalition row was brewing on Thursday afternoon after Lib Dem MPs expressed outrage over Michael Gove's plans to
Education secretary Michael Gove has all but confirmed he is to scrap GCSEs in England and replace them with a system similar