Prime minister outlines how the government will support people during November shutdown.
The government's emergency bailout scheme with grants worth up to £6,570, explained.
After having a second baby, and a recent move into self-employment, my role is now to look after our children, says freelance writer Annabel Lee.
In my 12 years representing the freelance community, I have never seen morale so low, writes Matt Dowling.
Labour market factors, lower average earnings, variable employment rates and the greater likelihood of ethnic minority workers being self-employed are all factors.
The real issue isn’t when or how a freelancer files their tax return, it’s whether they’ll be able to file one at all.
On the anniversary of the Taylor report, it's finally time to deliver on warm words to make work fairer
Berlin's place at the top of the nomad tree will surprise nobody; as well as being incredibly popular with tourists, and home to a thriving cultural scene, Germany's capital has developed a commendable reputation for entrepreneurialism in recent years which has turned the city into something of a startup hub.
In these uncertain economic times, striking out on your own may not seem like the most sensible option. But what if you have a product that has to come to market, or an idea that is so innovative it has to be seen through to fruition? What if you're simply like my friend who started his own Indian takeaway because he was fed up of people not experiencing authentic Indian food?