The inclusion of the word 'selfie' in the English Dictionary marks more than just the arrival of a new word, it marks the dawning of an unfortunate new era in narcissism. Einstein famously said, "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious." But he's a dead dude who didn't have an iPhone, let alone Snapchat.
Instead of screaming bloody murder at your screen, maybe you should feel sorry for the gloaters. While you bask under the florescent lighting of your office, dreaming of greener grass, your travelling online-associates are raining on their own parade. They are wasting their time in #paradise by making sure that you at home know all about it.
It's official - 'selfie' is the word of the year! Defined as "a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken
Because nothing says you appreciate your privileged life like taking a picture in front of someone sleeping on the ground
I really enjoy rolling slang around my mouth like happy little word-pigs in swill. It is so. damn. fun. The challenge now, is to ensure that children realise the fundamental different between slang and The Queen's English
the core reason why I don't like the groupie; I believe that its part of the drip feed which helps to fuel body neurosis in women. The young women who pose for these pictures have been brought up on an unedifying diet of celebrity magazines and websites
Selfies are a pre-twerk-meme developed last year, it is a voyeuristic way of exposing one's self in different twists and crotches. It isn't a game as there are austere rules and regulations for doing one (a selfie).