The Ministry of Justice is reviewing the license conditions of around 70 terrorists released from prison as 34-year-old man was arrested.
Human rights groups are calling the death sentence against Noura Hussein “an act of intolerable cruelty.”
A precedent-setting decision was taken by Magistrate Pravina Rugoonandan.
Momberg was found guilty of four counts of crimen injuria on November 3 following her rant aimed at a black police officer.
The Port Elizabeth businessmen was found guilty for orchestrating the murder of his wife in April 2015.
It was the news we'd hoped for when we launched our campaign to increase sentences for animal cruelty offences. Last weekend
How many times will the perpetrators of animal cruelty get to walk away scot-free before the Government toughens up the law? Personally I'm sick of having to look into the eyes of dogs who have been abused, knowing that the people who have done this will potentially be doing the same to another animal. Stronger penalties are just one way to put an end to this misery, but they are a vital step. It's time to step up and give these animals the justice they deserve.
How appealing is a society where bullying, abuse, and violence decrease, maybe even disappear? Do you feel technology can
The Sentencing Council has just published new guidelines for courts in England and Wales sentencing people convicted of dangerous
In this case, it seems the judiciary went too far. It is surely questionable to factor into sentencing a febrile public mood, particularly when it is stoked by politicians and commentators peddling emotive and unscientific ideas about human behaviour.