Sergei Magnitsky

Dominic Raab's announcement was one of the first major international moves by a post-Brexit Britain.
Putin’s regime poses a threat to Britain and its own people. Human rights and security are intertwined and it is in our own interests to ensure these crimes can no longer be perpetrated with impunity
Russian money is now essential for the City. Russians make massive donations to Conservative Party funds. And while David Cameron's ministers can get tough with a pick-up artist from America they will not move against put-to-death artists from Russia if they are backed by Putin.
European nations could begin imposing tough sanctions on Russia for its failure to investigate the suspicious death of a
A Russian policeman planning to sue a British hedge fund boss through British courts, for alleging he was part of a conspiracy
The Russian authorities, it appears, are fighting an internal 'Cold War'. It's a war of attrition and containment that has seen civil society attacked through the introduction of legislation aimed to restrict their activities... This onslaught on human rights shows no signs of abating and it's time the international community took this seriously.
I'm not a Russian citizen but I nevertheless have a few questions for him. I'd like to imagine he'd have a go at some of these if they come up among the two-million-odd questions he's likely to be sent this week, but somehow I doubt it. So here are my ten questions I think Vladimir Putin won't be answering during the Q&A.
With the wave of oligarchs that continue to flock to London to battle out their grievances, sadly embezzlement scandals and corruption are associations we regularly make with Russia nowadays.
The Prime Minister's visit to Moscow this month suggests that the relationship between the UK and Russia is on the mend.