Serial Killers

This week sees the publication of an outstanding and beautifully crafted redemptive memoir by Marian Partington, whose sister was murdered by two of Britain's most notorious serial killers - Frederick and Rosemary West.
Murder in its simplest, cold-blooded form is the most heinous thing a human can do to another (It's a sorry state of affairs when I feel obliged to start a post with that).
In this age of school stabbings and increased violence, we mustn't tolerate cruelty of any kind. Mowgli's suffering can't be erased, but we can prevent more individuals from becoming victims by treating cruelty to animals with the gravitas it deserves and by making training in compassion an integral part of every child's education.
Norway has legislation in place to deal with men such as Breivik and should be left to do so without lurid and inaccurate speculation by foreign media on letting him "get off Scott free" or any of the other tabloid hyperbole synonymous with liberal sentencing policies.
The Government is reviewing whether serial killers detained under mental health legislation can receive incapacity benefit